Akibas Trip Undead and Undressed (PlayStation 3)

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Akibas Trip Undead and Undressed (PlayStation 3) Features

This game takes players through a journey through Tokyo’s electronic district (electric town as it is otherwise known) in a highly defined role playing game. Akihabara (Akiba for short) is set to fend off a dark wickedness, creatures from the underworld called “Synthisters” which are vampire-like beasts which don’t feed on the flesh of the people of Akihabara but instead on their will to live and their souls. The only way to defeat the evil beings is through direct sunlight. However…The creatures wear special clothing to protect them. That’s where you, the players come in. You have to identify the seemingly human synthisters, and then beat them until they are relieved of their protection so they can be defeated therefore they are sent back to where they came from. Defeating them can be done in a variety of enjoyable ways using everyday objects as weapons such as a book, players can then take the enemies protective clothing and claim it for themselves.

The tale starts as a young man named Nanashi who is trapped and turned into one of the creatures, as fate would have it; he is kissed by a strange synthister hunter which spares him from his evils. He is then sworn to do everything in his power to defeat these evil living things alongside this unexplained hunter and other characters to fight for freedom.

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