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The latest release of Dead Rising is the Dead Rising 3 due out on the XBox One in November. This is a new game to the series of Dead Rising and this one is out on the new XBox One console. In this game you will ffind there are so many different weapons will basically everything you see can be a weapon, You will need to have the instinct to survive in this game as you explore and scavenge around in a world just full of complete zombies. You will find many different key features in this console game such as there you will discover more zombies than you have seen in any of the previous games. You will need to keep calm as you will be faced with some completely unbeliveable zombies. Using your own Xbox you will then be able t find access to hundred of different weapons that could simply assist you in the zombie world. You will discover the city of Los Perididos and you will be within the full action of it. If you enjoy zombie action game then you are sure to love this new edition to Dead Rising.

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