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Anyone that enjoys a bit of pinball is sure to enjoy this new console game. This game is Dream Pinball 3d II on the Nintendo Wii. In this console game you will have 6 different tables and they all have different table themes to them. You will even have the option of muiti-ball mode with all three balls at once if you are quick enough. You will have some great music and lighting with this Nintendo wii game as you try to score as much points as possible. WIth this console game you have mtuli-player so you can either play this game single mode or you can play with up to 4 players, You will have one fixed camera and you will see the position that you are on to assist you with your game. You will thoroughly enjoy the full pinball simulation that you will get this pinball game. The balls in this game you will see are made out of various different materials be it gold, ivory or wood. This is a really exciting console game and will be a great hit for those who love a bit of pinball. Dream Pinball 3D II is set to be so popular that it is being released on different platforms.

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