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The new Nintendo Wii U is an innovative addition to the motion sensor gameplay market, a market virtually invented out of nothing with the advent of the original Nintendo Wii, which has sold a staggering 86m units worldwide. The latest controller includes a 6.2 inch screen enabling the use of two screens at the same time so that your gameplay experience is literally in a new dimension. There is now an open play capability which lets you connect with gamers anywhere in the world via the Miiverse feature. Also, you have the possibility of wirelessly connecting other devices to your Wii U Gamepad which gives many new potential opportunities for gameplay and other uses. The Gamepad also includes a camera for inter-connectivity with other users in real time, a gyroscope for gameplay, a rumble feature, a microphone and speakers. Oh, and it can also be used as an infrared tv remote… The Wii U is compatible with all previous Wii games and accessories although the basic pack does not include a sensor bar which may be required for some previous games. Contents: – Wii U Console White – 8gb Internal Flash Memory – Wii U Gamepad – Wii U Gamepad Stylus – Wii U AC Adapter – Wii U GamePad AC Adapter – HDMI Cable (1.5m)

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