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Hitman Absolution Professional Edition Description

Agent 47 returns in IO Interactive's latest Hitman game for PS3. In this, his most personal edition to date, 47 has been betrayed by those he most trusted and he means his aim is to extract his revenge through 20 chapters whilst also being hunted by the Police. With up to 300 disguises available, he needs to make the kill but then get out of there unseen. It will call upon all his (your) ingenuity and guile in this dark edition as he moves through the levels, sniping enemies, blowing them up or using the environment to help make the kill. Eventually he will reach a mysterious businessman- Blake Dexter- who may or may not be all he seems- in this dark conspiracy. There are 5 difficulty levels, making this version a good entry level to the franchise but also providing continuity and excitement for more experienced Hitman fans. IO Interactive's brand new Glacier 2 engine gives improved visuals and also enables the new "Comprehensive Intelligence Spectrum" which ensures that enemies aren't mere targets but have their own enhanced intelligence making them question anything that doesn't seem quite right to them . You can check the Attention Bar to see just how suspicious they are becoming of you as you go along, the idea being to use as little force as possible to gain maximum points. Vocals are performed by a stellar cast led once again by David Bateson in the lead role and with David Carradine (Deadwood, Dexter) providing the voice for Blake Dexter. The motion capture for Agent 47 was performed by William Mapother (Lost). The game can be played in Instinct Mode, which enables better planning of stealth moves and means your ability improves the more you play. It also has, for the first time, an online multi-player capability enabling you to create your own scenarios and then challenge other players in your own version of the game. Additional features for Professional Edition: Agency Gun Pack DLC Upgraded silencer Laser sights Agency Jagd P22G, a modern top-tier pistol Agency HX UMP, a powerful high-calibre SMG Agency SPS 12, a brutal semi-automatic shotgun

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