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Payday 2 (PS3)

Title               - Payday 2 (PS3)
Platform         - Playstation 3
Category        - Action and Shooter
Release Date  - 16/08/2013
RRP                - £29.99
Best Price Now - £12.99
Prices Last Updated - 22/8/2014 18:19:08

Payday 2 (PS3) Description

Ever wanted to know what that rush feels like being the bad guy? Now you have the chance with the second installment to the Payday franchise being released with Payday 2 hitting the gaming market on the PlayStation 3. Grad your weapons and sort out your crew to hit the streets and rob from small convenient stores to big name banks to bring in Payday. Play online with your friends as you can form a crew and see if you have what it takes to work together to do a job and bring in the money. From small cash registers to big high quality vaults, you will be tested in Payday 2 on the PS3 platform.

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StoreAvailabilityPricePostageTotalVisit Site
No information available£12.99FREE£12.99 Available£17.99FREE£17.99
Amazon UK Usually dispatched within 24 hours£18.94FREE£18.94 in stock£18.99FREE£18.99
Gameseek In stock£17.15£2.99£20.14
Simply Games Temporarily out of stock£22.85FREE£22.85
Coolshop Out of stock£22.96FREE£22.96
Boomerang In Stock£27.75FREE£27.75
TheGameCollection Available Immediately£29.95FREE£29.95
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