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  Koch Media
  Playstation 3
  Action and Shooter
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Risen 3 Titan Lords (PlayStation 3) Description

The latest release of Risen 3 Titan Lords (PlayStation 3) is a return of the originals that you will know and enjoy playing. The famous Titan Lord brings much charm along the way of the story. A threat is announced then the the world of Titan Lords is left and the threat then occurs A warrior who is not very old unfortunately gets attacked and so he then sets off to try and put things right. Mages could be of great assistance in this story if Mages can be found on the Island of Thunder. Mages trys to locate the crystals that contain their own very special energy, The player will have to decide which way they are going to play the story. This console game has its own key features as their is some very special magic in this story. You can also decide on your weapons and armour that you wish your characters to use and you can amend them to suit you. Set to be a very popular game on the Playsation 3 with the great storyline.

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