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Tomb Raider Legend Anniversary and Underworld Triplepack (XBox 360) Features

This superb triplepack of the Tomb Raider is sure to delight fans around the globe. Due for release in November, this great collection sees the return of Lara in combat, as well as leaping platforms and puzzle solving. In Legends, players are introduced to Lara's new movement system and her nifty new grappling hook as our heroine takes to the tombs once again in her mission to discover the Secrets of the Past. Anniversary is a nod to the original and classic Tomb Raider game, launched in 1996. Preserving the elements from the original, Anniversary uses a superior game engine, giving gamers a brand new Tomb Raider experience. The Crystal Dynamics technology lets you control Lara, moving her fludly from location to location with her latest gear, weapons and signature moves as you discover strange lands, delving into their deep, dark secrets and unearthing hidden secrets to her past. Underworld takes you to an underwater temple in the ancient Mayan ruins of the South American jungle, which is protected by an enormous octopus-like sea monster. With stunning graphics and puzzles that have multiple answers, Underworld features a 3D map system, that help you find your way around, and ensures you don't get lost. In this game, Lara has an extended skill-set, with 1700 moves she is a more spontaneous character. Perilous challenges with levels that feature multi-stage puzzles, players also get to experience a new range of combat options, brand new gear, and an all-terrain motorbike.

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