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  XBox 360
  Action and Shooter
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Aliens Colonial Marines (XBox 360) Description

The ultimate killing force, the Aliens terrorising rule of our galaxy must come to an end, and it’s up to the elite Colonial Marines to do it. On a rescue mission to LV-426, our marine squad hope to find signs of survival from those they lost contact with 17 weeks previous. On their assignment to find those from Hadley’s Hope, the team end up in a fierce battle for survival against the new deadly enemy, the Xenomorphs. A first-person action horror game, this is the ultimate fight to stay alive. This must-have Collector’s Edition comes with the following, pre-order your copy now: High Quality Powerloader Figurine in a limited edition Xeno Hive Box The Limited Edition of Aliens: Colonial Marines, with 4 playable movie characters Additional Marines character customisation options Ripley’s famous flamethrower Exclusive multiplayer weaponry; Sonic Electronic Ball Breakers & Phase Plasma Rifle An exclusive game level; USCM Academy Firing Range And USCM Dossier; Mission Brief USS Sephora Schematic Recruitment Card LV-426 Recon Photo USCM Iron-on Badges

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