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Stylised for its 1930's setting, with realistic weapons, fashion, music and vehicles from the period, Deadfall Adventures takes us on a perilous journey with James Lee Quatermain and his former US Agent colleague, Jennifer Goodwin. The pair are dispatched on a mission to an Egyptian temple to bring back an ancient artifact known as The Heart of Atlantis, which holds mystical powers. Quatermain however, is not a believer, nor does he much care for the rival group also on the trail of the treasure – a division of the Ahnenerbe, a Nazi department who are experts in the supernatural. The pair find themselves enduring an epic journey across the globe, from the arid desers of Egypt desert to the frozen wastes of the Arctic, to the stifling jungles of forests of Guatemala and beyond. Their mission sees them awaken age-old guardians of the artifact and Quatermain soon realises that his Great Grandfather's tales of treasure and treachery and not as crazy as they once sounded. Solve the puzzles, evade the traps and live the tell the tale of your great adventure.