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Releasing the UK on 29th July 2011, the famous Blue Characters are returning to the big screen this summer with a fantastic film release. Also you have the chance to boogie away with all the favourite smurfs with this brand new Wii Console release game The Smurfs Dance Party. So whoever is your favourite little smurf, Papa, or Smurfette you will have many to choose from and practice your dance moves with them. This wii console game has over 20 popular and easy to dance to songs so you will be spolit for choice of what to dance to. The Wii game releases on July 29th on both Nintendo platforms, the Wii and DS, so if you want to get dancing or more likely your kids do, then buy a cheap Smurfs Wii by checking with our Smurfs price comparison engine.

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With an RRP rumoured to be £39.99, but not officially published, there is clearly some room for price cuts, so to get the cheapest prices for this Wii game, then look no further than this page as we detail all UK Smurfs Wii prices. and voucher codes. 
You will have amazing fun as a single player or on multi mode with this great singing and dancing smurf wii game.  Also there is the option to have multi-player so there is no excuse for parents to sit out of this game. All the dance moves of this Smurf Dance Party Wii game was created by professional dancers so you are sure to be getting all the moves right. This dance game comes out with release of the big film so after you have seen the film you can carry on dancing with any one of the popular tunes. For example one of the songs is “I wanna dance with somebody” and we like to smurf it.  With a variety of music from Punk to Rock and R&B and pop I am sure you will be up on your feet in no time, and think of the excercise as well you gain from this fun and lively packed game with the famous little blue smurfs.