Sony PlayStation 4 and The Last of Us Remastered Day 1 Edition (PlayStation 4)

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Sony PlayStation 4 and The Last of Us Remastered Day 1 Edition (PlayStation 4) Description

The playstation 4 is an ever popular console and a great gaming device, it has amazing graphics and very fast speed. The new console game The Last of Us Remastered Day has been rebuilt for the ps4. The game features full 1080p which provides a higher image to view the character models. You will also see some other fantastic improvements, The game is based around a pandemic that had happened 20 years earlier. There are unfortunately many different humans that got infected and many of those that did survive are trying to kill each other for food or weapons. Their was one guy who was a survivor called Joe who is a violent man so he is then taken on to try and smuggle a young 14 year old girl called Ellie of a military zone. The job is not as easy as one might think as there will be many different tasks and challenges along the way. You will find in this edition that you will also get the Special Exclusive Survival Pack which will give you Bonus Xp for multiplayer. two skins for Ellie and Joe, A Riffle Clip capacity. 9mm reload speed upgrade, increased healing speed and increased crafting speed. Fancy a challenging and gripping game then this is the one for you.