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The new release of the Zumba console game is Zumba World Party on the XBox 360. This great Zumba game offers great fitness fun at its best. This console game is set to be one of the biggest selling games during the xmas period. The exciting part of this xbox game is it takes you on many different cultures as you zumba away. You wlll want to go globe travelling and you will meet many different instructors of Zumba and see some great talent along the way. In this XBox game you will see more than 40 new songs and different routines. As you progress through the globes you will get to come across different dance moves from different native styles. You can play this console game single mode or it does also offer you two player support on the XBox One and the Kinect for XBox 360. On the Will U and the Wii you can play up to four player support so you can share the fitness fun with friends and family. Why not try and set yourself some fitness goals to aim towards and gain bonus rewards along the way. If you really are focussed you can check out the calories that you have burned from your Zumba Fun. You do have tutorial modes on this XBox console game so do not worry if you have not had fun with A Zumba Party dance before as you can pick up all that you need to know. So what are you waiting for get your new Zumba World Party now and dance your calories away.

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