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Cheapest Kinect Sports Rivals (Xbox One) Prices
Best Price: Amazon UK - £28.85

Kinect Sports Rivals (XBox One) Features

If you're a sports fan, then Kinect Sports Rivals is the game for you – the game for champions. Featuring favourite returning sports and introducing new events, this new release revolutionises this genre with its brilliant technology. As well as tracking your movements the XBox One will 'scan' you and will create an on-screen character that looks like you, competes like you and will learn to act like you. Then you and your friends and family can compete against each other in a range of sports such as bowling, football, wake racing, target shooting and climbing.

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Amazon UK Usually dispatched within 24 hours£28.85FREE£28.85
Shopto Last Few£28.85FREE£28.85
The HUT In stock | Usually dispatched within 24 hours£38.98FREE£38.98
Zavvi In stock | Usually dispatched within 24 hours£38.98FREE£38.98
Simply Games In Stock£39.85FREE£39.85
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