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  Namco Bandai
  Nintendo DS
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Best Price: Argos - £8.99

Thundercats DS Description

The latest release on the Nintendo DS console game is the ever famous Thundercats. Yes thats it the ever popular cats come to life in the new Nintendo ds game. The graphics ion this game are really clever you will be impressed. The poor old Thundera land has been taken into complete up heavel since it was taken over by the Lizard army and his crew. In this nintendo game you will take on the characters of either Lion-O and battle your way through all the evil that is thrown upon you. You will be able to jump and run and basically thrown yourself at the action that comes your way in order to protect what is needed. You will have support from your faithful followers and you can use their help to assist you in this battle. There are some very exciting sword plays throughout the game and you have many different battles to exist through. You will be able to rely on your faithful other thunderats for help such as Cheetara, Tygra, Willykat and Willykit to assist you and each character has its own special functions so it is assessing what characters skills will assist best at each time. The graphics and features are all really quite fantastic in this nintendo ds game and you will also be able to collect up to 100 memorial cards as you play throughout the game. A great DS game for all fans of the Thundercats characters and if you are not familiar with them this is also a perfect fun game for all.

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