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Sony PlayStation Vita (Wi-Fi only)

Platform         - Playstation Vita
Category        - Consoles
Release Date  - 22/02/2012
RRP                - £169.00
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Following on from the successful handheld consoles, the PSP and more recently the PSP Go, the latest console release from Sony to try and dominate the handheld gaming market is the Playstation Vita. The PS Vita releases on 22 Feb 2012, and comes in 2 versions the Wi-Fi and 3G version, and the WiFi only version. This page displays a list of retailers taking Pre Orders and selling the Vita Wi-Fi only version, the cheaper of the 2, displaying current up to date prices, as well as stock levels and any information regarding Vita voucher codes or PS Vita bundles in your hunt for a cheap Playstation Vita.

Compare Playstation Vita (Wi-Fi only) Prices

Most Popular stockists of PS Vita Wi-Fi
Retailer Availability Price Postage Total Link
PS Vita Wi Fi
(3rd Party Sellers Only)
£169.99 FREE £169.99
Tesco PS Vita 
(Out of Stock)
£188.00 FREE £188.00
PS Vita Wi Fi With Little Big Planet + 4GB Memory Card
(Out of Stock)
£319.99 FREE £319.99
Argos PS Vita  
Collect & Reserve
£179.99 FREE £179.99

Here at Cheap Games Playstation Vita Wi Fi stock levels and prices are compared from UK retailers, online stores and supermarkets.

Wi Fi Only Playstation Vita Console Discount Codes and Special Deals

There are no voucher codes that can currently be used againats a purchase of the Playstation Vita, however, there are a number of bundles available including the Tesco PS Vita Bundle to reduce the cost of buying the Handheld Console, the games and the memory card separately..

All UK prices for the Playstation Vita Wi Fi version are displayed in the table below, the cheapest Vita or best deals shown at the top. 

Temporarily out of stock£149.99£5.95£155.94
In stock£149.75£6.99£156.74

Buyers of the Playstation Vita (Wi-Fi will receive a Welcome pack with their purchase. The ‘Welcome Park’ tutorial explains the console’s basic operations and features, while Vita’s ‘Party’ option is designed to allow you to use live voice or text chat with your mates, whatever game or app they're using. The bookmarking feature in ‘Party’ will give you fast re-connection to your favourite groups. The ‘LiveArea’ function lets you communicate with them via a news and community portal. The ‘Cross-Play’ feature connects you with PS3 owners, letting you play head-to-head in the same game. The pre-installed 'near' feature, similar to the 3DS StreetPass function, helps you to find, meet-up and play with other Vita users in your local area. ‘Near’ also enables gaming features like’ Gifting’. Here you can access virtual game-related items such as unlocked content, costumes and weapons, that have been shared by other geographically local users.

The price of the Vita at launch is likely to err on the expensive side, as traditionally retailers like to bring prices down once a console has been selling for a while. Keeping the launch price high means there is generally more scope to do this. There will occasionally be times when price competition kicks in and some decent deals can be found. These deals are often introduced by the supermarkets, so don't be surprised to see the Tesco PS Vita price being amongst the cheapest. Amazon are also well known for price matching so are regularly found at the top end of the price comparison tables.