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Handheld Console - Red/Black (Nintendo 3DS XL)

Platform         - Nintendo 3DS
Category        - Consoles
Release Date  - 28/07/2012
RRP                - £169.99
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The advancement of Nintendo's DS console range continues unabated as 2012 sees the release of the Handheld Nintendo 3DS XL. This latest version offers the amazing 3D technology already introduced the the 3DS consoles together with the extra large screens and dual screen functionality of the Nintendo DSi XL. Available in 3 colours, this page brings you price details as well as stock information and delivery details for all retailers, supermarkets and online stores selling the Red 3DS XL.    

Popular Red / Black 3DS XL Stockists

Compare Red 3DS XL Prices from the most popular retailers
Retailer Availability Price Postage Total Link
John Lewis Red/Black 3DS XL
+ Free Super Mario 3D Land
£135.00 FREE £135.00
Amazon Red 3DS XL £150.00 FREE £150.00
Tesco Direct Red 3DS XL £150.00 FREE £150.00
Argos Red 3DS XL £179.99 FREE £179.99


Now the release date of the 3DS XL console has been passed a few months, there may be some price cuts available before the christmas market steps up a gear. Although stockists will hope to gain your custom they very rarely need to reduce the price of consoles as demand is always high, especially for the latest versions. Any discounts that do come along are normally short term and often involve bundled deals with other products. 

Red 3DS XL Discount Codes and Offers

September and October is usually the time to get the best deals on newly released consoles, as stores prepare for the christmas market and also know that the main rush has not yet started so they can afford to knock the price down a bit. We always study all the gaming retailers so you can be sure that should there be any voucher codes or special deals available for the Red / Black 3dS XL, then they will be listed here.

Out of stock£154.85FREE£154.85
No information available£169.00FREE£169.00
Temporarily out of stock£174.99£5.95£180.94
In stock£184.96£6.99£191.95

We always list the most popular sellers first, which quite regularly includes the top supermarkets, so the Tesco 3DS XL price is often shown at the top, as consumers like to buy from stores they know and trust as well as those with the cheapest prices. This list is restricted to a few, but the full Red 3DS Xl price comparison is shown below. These are automatically updated, and are shown to give you the full picture of shops selling the Red 3DS XL and what sort of price and delivery options to expect from them. With all this information available on one page, you can make an unbiased decision on whether to buy online where the best deals normally are, or whether to buy from a well known High Street Store such as Argos.

When consoles release in different colours, the red version is always a popular colour due to it's striking nature and it tends to stand out. These are most popular amongst the younger gamers, as they are keen to show off such a grand piece of equipment, whereas seasoned gamers are more likely to be more interested in what's inside the console so will happily buy more traditional colours such as black, silver and white. The red 3DS XL has started off selling more than the silver version although the best selling overall is it's counterpart the Blue 3DS XL.