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  Playstation 3
  Action and Shooter
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New from Reality Pump (who also developed Earth 2150 and Two Worlds 2) comes this spin-off from the cult sci-fi comedy movie, Iron Sky released in May 2012, about a group of Nazis from 1945 who plan to invade Earth in 2018. The game is a space fighter simulator with added strategy and RPG elements where you have ship-to-ship dogfights, assaults on giant space ships but also strategic thinking and resource issues to manage. Of course, the game is based on the film so if you enjoyed watching it, you'll have fun defending the Earth from the Nazi invasion using a variety of space fighters but, as well as merely fighting them off, you'll need to be adept at politics as you need to decide who your friends are. Iron Sky: Invasion is powered by Reality Pump's Grace2 engine which brings fantastic graphics and fast paced battle sequences, with full orchestral accompaniment in the impressive soundtrack. The enhanced combat technology allows you to deploy satellites and drones as attack weapons, whilst defending using numerous flares and anti-missile systems. The whole of the game is open to you at any one time, with battles raging in many different places. There is an Innovative energy management system so that you can transfer energy to a ship's engine, shield or weapons as the situation demands. Weapons and other equipment are upgradeable and interchangeable, with the ability, for example, of using bits of captured equipment to upgrade your own weapons. Overall, the game has a high replay value with many different and intriguing aspects. Your ultimate goal is to find and destroy the secret Nazi base on the far side of the Moon. Good luck- the future of the Earth is in your hands! Age 12 years and older

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