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A new and brilliant release of the The Sims console games. This one is The Si,ms 3 Island Paradise out on PC. You will actually get to play your very own island paradise – simply amazing. You will have several different islands on paradise to explore through your own little houseboat – well a house boat that will simply give you a five star experience. There are many new adventures waiting for you to explore and you will simply love all of them. You will be getting ready to sail for a full on adventure whatever the boat a speedboat or a paddle boat you are going to love it. You will get to travel via inter-island travel so you will see many a different thing. You will be involved in building a five star resort and actually running it, thing of all the fun rides and slides that you can get to create in this. You will need to think carefully as you will have to amend prices as you see right and the better things work the higher the stars you will be awarded. There are lots of new adventures to be found at shore as they say and your sims may well be lucky and find many a hidden treasure. You will have many different ways to be building your house boats or homes the choice will be yours. In this latest sims console game you will have more clothing and options available to you. All in all this is a great edition to the Sims adventure games.

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