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Following on from the original Smurfs game of 2 years ago, the sequel is sure to be a big hit amongst young gamers. For a full Smurfs 2 price comparison, see our lists below showing not only all the retailers selling Smurfs 2 online, but the best deals and delivery details.  

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The Smurfs 2 (XBox 360) Features

Jump back into the blue world of Smurfs following the release of the second Smurfs movie, the second game is also set to be released on the Xbox 360 platform. This action adventure game will see users travel around the big apple itself – New York and Paris as you go through an epic adventure like no other with your Smurf friends along side you. Gargamel is being evil once again and after snatching Smurfette, it your your duty to go on a quest to rescue her. As you play through 6 worlds, you will have all sorts of obstacles in your path as you face boss battles from Gargamel, the Naughties and Azrael. You now have the ability to play with your friends with the game allowing you to play with up to four players each taking control of one of nine playable Smurfs (4 starters and 5 unlockables). Build Smurf Village as much as you can by collecting 20 different Smurfs taking them to your Smurf Village HUB on your Xbox 360 console with the all new game of The Smurfs 2.

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StoreAvailabilityPricePostageTotalVisit Site in stock£16.69FREE£16.69
Simply Games Temporarily out of stock£22.85FREE£22.85
Boomerang In Stock£24.88FREE£24.88
Coolshop In stock£28.50FREE£28.50
Gameseek In stock£26.95£2.99£29.94 Sold by BaseTrade Seller: FOREMATT.£37.97FREE£37.97