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Diablo III (PC/Mac DVD)

Platform         - PC
Category        - Role Playing
Release Date  - 15/05/2012
RRP                - £34.99
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One of the most eagerly awaited PC games of all time arrived on the shelves on 15 May 2012. Naturally stock levels became more of an issue than price as retailer after retailer were out of stock. A few weeks later stock is still hard to come by, however, the likes of Amazon and Tesco Entertainment have recently had a fair amount at their disposal. Prices when in stock have varied greatly so the savvy shopper will want to compare all supermarkets and stores to see what Diablo III offers are available. To see who has the cheapest Diablo 3, we have set up this Diablo III price Comparison service below so you can see at a glance where the best prices are from UK stores.

Diablo III Prices

Diablo III Standard Edition

Most Popular Diablo 3 (PC) Retailers 
Retailer Availability Price Postage Total Link
Tesco Diablo 3
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(In Stock)
£27.80 FREE £27.80 Diablo 3 £32.71 FREE £32.71 £34.99 FREE £34.99
£38.95 FREE £38.95

The price checker shown below displays the latest up to date prices for Diablo III on the PC.

Diablo III Voucher Codes and Offers

Currently there are no Diablo III discount codes available to redeem against a purchase of this popular pc game.

All Diablo III prices from UK online stores and supermarkets such as Tesco are shown below in the full price comparison table, with the cheapest prices displayed first. 

Usually dispatched within 24 hours£22.00FREE£22.00
No information available£22.00FREE£22.00
Expected to ship within 7-10 days£29.99FREE£29.99
In stock£27.09£2.99£30.08
Temporarily out of stock£39.85FREE£39.85

Prices for Diablo 3 have been largely irrelevant in the first few weeks since launch seeing as virtually all retailers have had no stock for the majority of this time. However, a few stockists now appear to have decent stock levels so the price comparison can be analysed more deeply. Initial thoughts are that a price around the £35.00 mark will be a good deal. It is likely to be a long while before Diablo 3 prices reach sub £30.