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The Sims 3: Pets Expansion Pack (PC/Mac DVD) Summary
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Another Sims 3 Release hits our shelves in October in the form of SIMS 3 Pets, giving you the opportunity to create various types of pets for your Sims, and you choose their personality as well. Pre Orders have shown this to be a highly anticipated game for the pc so you'll want to get hold of a Cheap Sims 3 Pets . The game is available at all good gaming stores and supermarkets, as well as the specialist online stores like Amazon. Here we bring you all prices to make your choice of stockist a well informed one.

Brand New, Genuine and Fully Guaranteed. All Items shipped same or next day unless otherwise indicated£13.75FREE£13.75
No information available£17.85FREE£17.85
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Last Few£19.85FREE£19.85
In stock£17.99£2.99£20.98
No information available£17.99£3.95£21.94
Expected to ship within 7-10 days£26.39FREE£26.39
Temporarily out of stock£26.85FREE£26.85

  If you are a fan of the Sims then sure you will be a fan of the latest edition to their family SIMS 3 Pets. This PC game is going to such fun to play on your computer / Mac as you choose and create your pets and their designs. This sims 3 pets game has over 40 different dogs to chose from large or small and of course 20 different cats to pick. You can choose the animals that you want, the more pets that you get the more fun that you will have, such as creating special one off features for your dogs.

Will you be able to control your pet though, will you stop your little dog from digging those holes in the garden. Watching the different personalities of the pets is real fun to see, from the pets that are lazy and do not want to do anything, to the animal that will not stop running around and into everything. All pets can learn new skills so you can teach your cat or your dog the latest trick and of course treat them as often as you feel they deserve. With Karma powers available you will be able to play around good or bag with the sims if you have enough gold coins. Also why not trade sims with your friends – how fantastic is that. With so many different loveable pets to choose from you simply will be spolit for choice in this latest edition to the Sims.

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