Godzilla (PlayStation 4)

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Godzilla (PlayStation 4) Description

Godzilla is being released on the Playstation 4. You will need to get through each stage to be able to move on to the next stage. The more buildings you manage to smsash the G-Energy you will acquire. You need to try and destruct as many buildings as you can but to be careful as obviously the bigger the building the bigger the issue that might occur. You can play the game in movie style if you choose, this means you use a special angel system camera. You can use the game at certain points just would help you to control Godzilla. You will find on this ps4 game you have mutli modes to choose from as you have 25 stages. Get to create the Godzilla of your choice. You have some fantastic ps4 functions with this console game such as voice recognition, control beam, motion control and share button.

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