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The latest console to be released into the gaming market has now been released with the launch of the Nintendo 2DS. This brand new console much like previous DS's is a two-screened handheld system for gamers to take on the go with them. The 2DS not only will play any of the original Nintendo DS games (with over 2000 games) but also the newest Nintendo 3DS games in 2D.

2DS Stock levels have been surprising short since the release date, and this is expected to continue through to Christmas 2013. Here we display details of all stockists, and full details of prices, delivery costs and stock levels.

Nintendo 2DS Prices

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Nintendo Handheld Console 2DS - Black/Blue

Platform         - Nintendo 3DS
Category        - Consoles
Release Date  - 12/10/2013
RRP                - £129.99
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Nintendo 2DS (Black & Blue)

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Nintendo 2DS (White and Red)

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Nintendo 2DS Features and Full Description

This brand new games console is part of the Nintendo DS family, being a handheld device that any user can take on the go with them. This duo screened console has a completely new design to make it a lot more user friendly than the previous consoles. Where the previous Nintendo DS's had a flip up screen, the Nintendo 2DS is a basic slate like fixed shape, making it look slick and stylish. With some complaints about users getting hand cramp with previous versions of the DS, the 2DS is now built to fit perfectly in your hands – pushing the control buttons to the top end of the console, to make your gaming experience as comfortable as ever.

The Nintendo 2DS comes in a choice of two colours, either blue/black or white/red – both looking modern and fashionable. The more basic design also allows the console to be a bit more user protected in case of the occasional accident where the console is dropped or sat on. The battery is also the same one as the one used in the Nintendo 3DS powering on a 1300mAh battery, providing 5 hours of game time roughly. The main difference in the update from the 3DS to the 2DS is quite self explanatory, with the Nintendo 3DS allowing users to play games in 3D. The Nintendo 2DS is only a 2-Dimensional system however users can still play 3DS games on the 2DS just without the 3D feature. Users will also be able to play original Nintendo DS games with over 2000 on the gaming market already and new games constantly being released in all genres.

The console has built in WiFi so you will be able to connect online with friends or browse the Nintendo eShop, StreetPass and SpotPass. Overall, the Nintendo 2DS is an all round value for money games console and is perfect for all the family to play on.

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Latest Nintendo 2DS News

The Nintendo 2DS will run on the same 1300mAh battery as the Nintendo 3DS so essentially the brand new console will last the same out of time as the Nintendo 3DS when the 3D is turned off and put in 2D. Also the new console will also come with a wall charger to charge up your 2DS so you can enjoy roughly 5 hours of game time.

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