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Nintendo Handheld Console DSi XL - Yellow

Platform         - Nintendo DS
Category        - Consoles
Release Date  - 08/10/2010
RRP                - £159.99
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The yellow DSi XL was launched in October 2011, together with the Green DSi XL and the Blue DSi XL. In the absence of a pink DSi Xl, this is the colour mainly aimed at predominantly pre teen girls as it does seem to be a very bright yellow indeed.
To compare prices for the yellow DSi xl, and see stock levels of this popular colour, see our price checker below. The information should find you the cheapest yellow Dsi Xl in stock without too much effort and assist you in your choice of retilaers. Many retailers don't seem to be stocking the yellow DSi Xl now, especially the supermarkets, although Amazon regularly have the yellow console available to buy.

Update 28 November 2011
Amazon Yellow DSi XL Bundle – £124.99
This also has a free Accessory Pack worth about £5.00.

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Amazon Yellow Nintendo Dsi XL
Amazon Bundle Offer
£124.99 FREE £124.99
Tesco Yellow DSi XL £149.00 FREE £149.00
Blockbuster Yellow DSi XL
£144.99 FREE £144.99

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In stock£95.88£6.99£102.87
Usually dispatched within 24 hours£159.99FREE£159.99

The brightest of all the colours of the popular Nintendo DSi XL, the yellow console was released in October 2010 and instantly proved a hit with the girls. The extra large screens of the DSi XL have meant that the high profile launch of the Nintendo 3DS in 2011 hasn't wiped out all interest in the DSi XL, and indeed many DS games are still made in 2D so are best used with the large screens of the DSI XL. Saying that, not as many yellow DSI XL consoles have been put into production this year as there are many retailers without any stock.
The yellow DSi xl prices shown above are checked and updated automatically many times a day so should reflect accurately the price and stock levels displayed.