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Zumba Fitness Wii - Bundle Pack with Belt accessory Summary
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  Majesco Entertainment/ 505 Games
  Nintendo Wii
  Music and Dancing
Cheapest Zumba Fitness Wii - Bundle Pack with Belt accessory Prices
Best Price: Tesco - £19.20
"To Move Fast and have Fun" is the Spanish translation of Zumba and this is certainly what millions of fans across more than 70 countries think about the dance craze that's swept across the globe. On April 1st 2011 the dance and fitness game is released on the Nintendo Wii and you can get all the benefits and enjoyment of the Zumba classes right in the privacy of your living room. The big attraction of the Zumba is it's link to weight loss and body shaping, so you get a strenuous fitness regime thrown in whilst learning new dance moves.

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The Zumba has already been released in video game form on both the XBox and PS3 platforms, however it is the owners of the Wii that traditionally go for the dance and fitness games following the huge success of the most popular game ever the Wii Fit, so it is this upcoming release that is expected to be a massive hit and top the charts. Already the game has been the best seller of video games on and that is all games, not just Pre Orders so Wii Zumba could well be one of the best selling games of 2011.  

For those of you that plan to buy Zumba Fitness on the Wii, what you really want to know is where to Pre Order or buy the cheapest Wii Zumba. With an RRP of £35.00, the popularity and interest in this game certainly means many retailers will be looking at selling at close to this price, however, with a bit of online searching around it should be possible to get a discount to the RRP of over £10.00.

The cheapest Zumba as we write this can be found at Tesco Entertainment where a price of £22.70 looks about as low as it's going to go. But with a week still to go before the release date this could change. Luckily, Tesco Entertainment have a Pre Order price Promise, so that if you Pre Order it and the price is cheaper on Release day you only pay the cheaper of the 2.

To buy Zumba Fitness on the Wii click here to buy from Tesco Entertainment for just £22.70