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  XBox 360
  Action and Shooter
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Combining WWII locations and a fictitious storyline, the missions featured in this arcade flight action game start on an aircraft carrier in the Pacific, captained by you. It’s up to you to decide on the actions of your task force, and whether you enter into action as the US Navy or the Japanese Imperial Fleet. Featuring many air based battles, including Pearl Harbour, Midway and Wake Island, you’ll have up to 90 of the most advanced fighting machines at your command and ready to launch on your orders. With entire squadrons in your charge you can switch between them during the different assignments that will be set, during this totally compelling story which features various single and multiplayer modes. Take charge as Admiral Lucas Stark or Hideaki Hashimoto in the Pacific Ocean and be ready for enemy attacks, as you equip your air fleet with a multitude of weapons.

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