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Rabbids Land wii-U Features

This is the seventh and latest installment of the Raving Rabbids series for Nintendo Wii U and the Rabbids have now moved into an amusement park to continue their crazy antics. Friends and family will be able to dance, shout and play party games like never before. Sometimes a little saucy, the games are fully interactive with some played in cooperation with others. For example, there is a game where you are trying to lift up the skirts of Rabbids by matching symbols whilst also shouting out various symbol names like pepper or fire to gain extra points and all against the clock. There is a roller coaster game where one player manipulates the roller coaster whilst another drops fire bombs and other material. Also, you have a diamond gathering game where your mate chases you with a large boulder. You get the picture… All in all, this is another fun package designed mainly for use at parties where excitement, silliness and naughtiness are in demand.

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