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  XBox 360
  Action and Shooter
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Invaded by a murderous pirate troop known as than the Devil’s Tines, Christopher Raven’s village has been razed to the ground, his family killed and he has been left maimed. With a burning loathing for this brutal band of buccaneers, Christopher heads off on a quest to exact his revenge. Journeying across the 17th century seas, this dark action adventure game gets players immersed in fierce strategic conflicts and features a cast of villainous characters to do battle with, using a range of special abilities, such as Fear Power and Voodoo Charms. Featuring a range of gaming events that entwine flawlessly with each other, giving an exciting storyline to follow, you’ll be tasked with making choices, the outcome of which will impact on the story. Follow Christopher on his perilous quest for vengeance, through the beautifully detailed world of piracy, deceit and adventure to find the notorious band of bloodthirsty murderers.

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