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  Playstation 4
  Action and Shooter
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inFAMOUS First Light (PlayStation 4) Features

A young girl named Abigail at a young age realises she has unnatural powers. Her parents try to keep these super human powers a secret, however one day she makes a mistake and hurts one of her classmates. Her loving brother (Brent) immediately takes her away and keeps her safe, in doing so; they turn to drugs to keep the outburst of powers to minimal. However Brent gets clean and tries to help Abigail with the drugs too. However they find themselves mixed up in bad business and things take a turn for the worst. Brent is kidnapped by a drug lord and Abigail almost killed by a bomb. Abigail meets an old acquaintance of Brent who is a small time drug lord. Abigail is forced to rid other drug gangs. However, the police catch on and Abigail is made to do awful things. She is then captured. Trained and seeks revenge to those who have wronged her.