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  XBox 360
  Action and Shooter
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Hacking ace and former thug Aiden Pearce is hunting the Chicago streets for the people that devastated his family. Using a smartphone as his most lethal weapon, Aiden is able to take control of the city's CTOS (Central Operating System) and maniuplate the data it holds. With access to security cameras, transport system and bank vaults, Aiden will stop at nothing to get revenge. Stop trains, evade authorities, cause pile-ups and get behind the wheel of over 65 vehicles for some awesome high-octane driving action. Use your baton, hacking skills and massive shoot-outs to track your enemy and take them down. The DedSec Edition also includes a 23cm Aiden Pearce figurine, Steelboook, DEDSEC Collector box, Watch_Dogs Artbook, original soundtrack, map of Chicago, 4 collectible cards, 3 exclusive badges plus a whole host of digital extras too.

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