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After the introduction of the Sony Playstation 3 in 2006, the need for smaller, lighter, thinner models games consoles and handheld units around the world took storm and now the PS3 Slim as it is referred to is now the only version that is available, albeit with differing memory storage capacities of 160GB and 320GB. The new, slimline version is 34-45% less power hungry, 36% lighter and 33% smaller than the larger model it replaces. It also runs cooler and quieter than previous models. Being an expensive piece of kit, as all consoles are, the christmas market is when most PS3 consoles are sold, and retailers will want to grab your custom, in the hope that you'll buy a lot more as well. To read reviews and find details of retailers selling the PS3 console with current prices and stock availability etc, see below. 

Compare PS3 Slim Prices

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Sony PS3 12GB Super Slim Console (PS3)

Platform         - Playstation 3
Category        - Consoles
Release Date  - 12/10/2012
RRP                - £184.99
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PS3 Slim 12GB
PS3 Console (12GB) >> View Prices
(From £139.99 – PS3 12GB Bundle with Skylanders Giants, Free Gioteck Real triggers + Discounted Chart Games)

PS3 Slim 500GB
PS3 Console (500GB) >> View Prices 
(From £189.99 or £197.99 Bundle with GTA5 + Uncharted 3)

PS3 Full Description and Features

Way back in 2006, Sony launched the revolutionary Playstation 3 and after a few guises of 120GB units to 160GB units, there is now the PS3 Slim 160GB and the PS3 320GB on the market. As connecting with other gamers online is a given nowadays, the Playstation Network allows people from all over the world to pit themselves against each other using an Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection. For those that want to download new games, extra levels, partial games, watch movie releases that are heading for Blu-Ray production and win prizes or buy certain extras for games, the Playstation Store can also be accessed to give yourself a leg-up in the global gaming community..

Although the PS3 Slim (160GB) is now not backwards compatible with the PS2, Sony has brown out remastered versions of the most popular PS2 and PSP games. The PS3 is available in charcoal black, titanium blue and classic white and comes with 802.11b/g Wi-Fi, Linux support and 2 USB ports. It also has Bravia Sync XMB control as well as Dolby TrueHD and DTS HD Master Audio bitstreaming technology By adding the bonus of an Internet connection through a Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection, the Playstation Network allows players to play against others around the world, join in competitions and tournaments as well as buy downloadable content from the Playstation Store.

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Latest Playstation 3 Console News

For those who are actually worried about what colour their console is rather than how it performs, a white PS3 has been made available in the UK. It's been around for a while in Japan, but now can be purchased exclusively through Gamestop and comes with 2 dualshock Controller pads. for a hefty £249.97. It is the 320GB version though I guess it should be at that price.

PS3 Console Reviews


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Techradar 4.5/5
CNET (US Review) 8/10

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