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The Revolutionary new console in the form of the Nintendo Wii-U has been hugely anticipated, and has recently been announced as being available to buy in the UK from 30th November 2012.

Such was the demand of the original Wii console, released in 2006, that it was impossible to get hold of for months after launch due to the popularity and family appeal which was unique at the time. The most successful of all consoles has remained unchanged under the hood without upgrades in the last 6 years, with the only variations and new releases being colour changes or branded versions, so the release of the Wii-U is a massive event and sure to create huge demand.

Many retailers and supermarkets are now taking Pre-orders for the Nintendo Wii-U, and we provide full details below of the stockists and Wii-U price comparisons for each version available.

If you’ve had the opportunity to try out the Wii-U console, please let us know your opinion by writing a review below.

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Nintendo Wii U 32GB Premium Pack - Black

Platform         - Nintendo Wii U
Category        - Consoles
Release Date  - 30/11/2012
RRP                - £N/A
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Update: 26 December 2014
Quite a few Boxing Day reductions for the Wii-U from a number of retailers, so some good Wii-U deals to be had.
White Wii-U (Basic)Black Wii-U (Premium)
Most Popular  White Wii-U Console Deals
Retailer Availability Price Postage Total Link
Argos Wii-U
(Order Now Collect Immediately)
£144.99 FREE £144.99
Amazon White Wii U £149.99 FREE £149.99
Game White Wii-U Console
+ Super Smash Bros WiiU
£169.99 FREE £169.99
Smyths Toys Wii-U White
+ Special Offer – Save £59
+ Includes FREE New Super Mario Bros U
+ Super Smash Bros U
£179.99 FREE £179.99
Smyths Toys Wii-U White
+ Includes FREE New Super Mario Bros U
£169.99 FREE £169.99
Tesco White Wii-U £169.00 FREE £169.00
Amazon White Wii U Wii U Basic Party Pack
+ Just Dance 2015
+ Sing Party U + Microphone,
+ Wii Party U
+ Nintendoland
+ Wiimote
(Out of Stock)
£179.99 FREE £179.99
Zavvi Wii-U
+ Just Dance 2014
+ Nintendo Land
+ Out of Stock
£189.99 FREE £189.99
Most Popular Premium Wii-U Console Deals
Retailer Availability Price Postage Total Link
Smyths Toys Wii-U Black
+ Mario Kart 8 Premium Pack
£239.99 FREE £239.99
Argos Wii-U
+ Mario & Luigi Premium Pack
£249.99 FREE £249.99
Amazon Black Wii U
+ Mario & Luigi Premium Pack
£239.86 FREE £239.86
Simply Games Wii U Premium
+ Includes Nintendo Land
+ Next Day Courier Delivery
+ Out of Stock
£199.99 FREE
£199.99 Buy Now
Tesco Black Wii-U
+ Mario & Luigi Premium Pack
+ Out of Stock
£235.00 FREE £235.00
Game Wii-U Black
+ Out of Stock
£199.99 FREE £199.99
Argos Wii-U
+ Mario Kart 8 Bundle
+ 2 Free Games
£249.99 FREE £249.99
Tesco Black Wii-U
+ Mario Kart 8 Bundle
+ Out of Stock
£235.00 FREE £235.00
Game Wii-U Black Console
+ Various Wii-U Bundles
£239.99 FREE £239.99
Zavvi Wii-U
+ Includes Lego City Undercover
+ Out of Stock
£249.98 FREE £249.98
John Lewis Wii-U Premium Bundle
+ Includes The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD, Sensor Bar and Accessories
+ FREE 2 Year Guarantee included
£249.95 FREE £249.95 Buy Now

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Wii-U Description and Features

Given the original Nintendo Wii has been around for 6 years, it’s functionality has passed the test of time and it is still regarded as a favourite amongst families and sells at good levels. Only hardcore PS3 and XBox gamers will dismiss the Wii in it’s current form as second rate in terms of enhanced technology and picture quality.Well that is certainly about to change when the Wii-U console releases in November 2012. There will be two different versions of the Wii-U, the standard 8GB White Wii-U, as well as the Premium Black Wii-U with an impressive 32GB. The major advance in the technology and capabilities comes in the form of the Wii-U Game Pad, containing a handheld 6 inch touchscreen to act as a 2nd screen, as well as interacting with the TV and housing all the required controls.The console itself is a massive advancement from the original, still sleek and slim making extra storage space unnecessary, but now is Wi_Fi enabled allowing internet access. A massive 1GB of RAM is available for loading and storing games, twice as much as is currently available to the latest models of PS3 and XBox.  Graphics are now a major factor in bringing realism and enhancing the experience of the modern day blockbusters, and initial indications are the GPU being more powerful than other consoles, making the visual effects more impressive on the Wii-U in multi-platform games.

View Nintendo Wii-U Video

Get more of an idea of what to expect with the Nintendo Wii-U with this trailer.

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Latest Nintendo Wii-U News

One of the first games to be launched on the Wii-U has been confirmed as the expected best-seller of the year, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.  It will make use of the ability to use 2 screens, one on the game pad controller and one on the TV to split the play. Graphics are expected to be comparable, or even more powerful than the usual 2 major platforms, PS3 and XBox.

Wii U Console Reviews


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If you’ve been lucky enough to try the new Wii-U console or one of the new Wii-U games, let us know what you think by writing a review or commenting on our Facebook page.

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