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The most successful console ever made, the Nintendo DS has now gone 3D with the introduction of the first 3D console that doesn't need special glasses. The Nintendo 3Ds was introduced early in 2011, and despite initially showing poor sales, the price cut introduced in the Summer together with a couple of new colours have made the 3DS one of the most wanted consoles this Christmas. As there are now a number of different coloured 3DS consoles, including the most popular new Coral Pink 3DS, full details of stock availability and prices are detailed for each console, so you can make an informed choice as to which version to buy and indeed where from.
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Nintendo Handheld Console 3DS - Coral Pink

Platform         - Nintendo 3DS
Category        - Consoles
Release Date  - 10/02/2012
RRP                - £159.99
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Full Description and 3DS Features

The Nintendo 3DS is the latest portable games console from the company and an extension of the DS and DSi. It features the ability to play 3D games without the need for 3D glasses and is one of the most advanced handheld systems available. After the Gameboy and Gameboy Advance, the firm has excelled itself in producing a superb upgrade from those devices, which sees motion control, motion sensors, an accelerometer and gyroscopic features which adds to the overall appeal.

Boasting the latest PICA200 graphics processor and WQVGA screen resolution, as well as 2.4GHz Wi-Fi capabilities, it's as good as many smart-phones in terms of technology. There are two cameras, which can take 3D photos, a 2GB memory which uses a 3DS specific card and it comes with a cradle that also recharges the device even when you're playing it.

It's available in Metallic Red, Cosmo Black and Aqua Blue, and more recently the Coral Pink 3DS was introduced. At only 235 grams it's light enough to carry around with you anyway you go and with 3-5 hours of playing time it's the ideal travelling buddy for kids and adults alike. The preloaded applications that are installed on the device include Nintendo 3DS Download Play, Activity Log, Game Notes, Friends List, 3DS AR (Augmented Reality) Games, Mii Maker, StreetPass Mii Plaza, DS Download Play and 3DS Sound, as well as the Nintendo 3DS Camera. It's backwards compatible with DSi software and DsiWare, DS software and some GBA software.

It's not just a games console, it's possible to watch 3D movies or movie trailers on the device. Sky 3D and Eurosport will also be available to watch on it as well as Nintendo 3DS-only movies are to be released in the coming months. Finally after almost 25 years of trying Nintendo has brought stereoscopic 3D gaming to the market after struggling with the Virtual Boy of the 80s.

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Watch a trailer of the concept of the Nintendo 3DS to find out a bit more about what the 3DS has to offer.

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Latest 3DS Console News

Two new colours are to be released before the end of 2011.
The Coral Pink 3DS is launched in mid November and comes bundled with Nintendogs 3D game. This is expected to be the most popular colour over the next few months, just in time to boost the christmas sales. In addition, an Ice White 3DS is coming out in early December which is bundled with Super Mario 3D Land.
Finally to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Legend of Zelda, there is a Limited Edition Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3DS bundle, branded with Zelda emblems and artwork, and of course included is a copy of Legend of Zelda; ocarina of Time.

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Techradar 4.5/5
IGN 7.5/10

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