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The Wii is probably the most successful of all consoles ever made, and was certainly the first to tap the massive market that existed in family entertainment, with Fitness, Dance and Party Games.
The Wii was only available in white for the first 2.5 years of hitting the market, then slowly Nintendo released new colours with the Black Wii and Limited Edition Red Wii (now unavailable) versions. The latest 'blue bundle' is being released especially for the London 2012 Olympics and features Mario and Sonic! Some time in 2012 a new version of the Wii will be released known as the Wii U, but currently details on this are very sparse, and demand and sales of the Nintendo Wii are expected to continue in earnest this year and 2012.
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Nintendo Wii Console (White) with Mario Kart: Includes White Wii Wheel and Wii Remote Plus

Platform         - Nintendo Wii
Category        - Accessories
Release Date  - 20/05/2011
RRP                - £129.99
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Blue Wii
Mario & Sonic 2012 Olympics Bundle
Blue Wii Console >> View Prices
(From £89.99)

White Wii
Mario Kart & Wheel Bundle
White Wii Console  >> View Prices 
(From £97.49)

Black Wii
Mario Kart & Wii Wheel Bundle
Black Wii Console  >> View Prices 
(From £97.49)

Full Description and Nintendo Wii Features

Pitting it against the irrepressible Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3, the Nintendo Wii had to be different and in 2006 the company launched the all white console and dual control games console. Featuring a unique and new way of playing video games, the user normally needs to stand up and move around, with the remotes in their hands. Each movement is picked up by the sensor that sits in front of the TV and the movement is picked up in 3D. This is then cast onto the screen so games such as boxing, tennis, bowling and many more could be played in real time.

As the games were developed, such as Wii Fit, the Wii is seen as an exercise device as well as a video game console. With the unique remotes, called the Nunchuk and Wii Remote, it gives the player more control and motion over the characters on the screen. The unit itself boasts a 729MHz processor, 88MB internal memory, 64MB external and a 512MB NAND flash memory. The Wii is completely backwards compatible with Game Cube games and it can connect to the Internet using the Wii Shop Channel and it's built-in Wi-Fi connection.

The WiiConnect24 feature allows the console to be in stand-by mode and still receive updates and messages from the Internet, and with the introduction of social media and Wii Mii (avatar-generated 'people') the player can create their own profile and play against others that are playing on the Wii network at the same time, or upload their scores and results directly to the Internet. The unit can also connect wirelessly to Nintendo DS models for certain games, meaning two or more players can play the same game only on different devices against each other. Needless to say, the other games console manufacturers are playing catch-up..

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See how the Nintendo Wii was promoted when it was first released 5 years ago. Not too much has changed and it's still as popular as ever.

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If you thought sales of the Nintendo Wii were in decline, Nintendo have just announced that on 'Black Friday' alone some 500,000 Nintendo Wii consoles were sold. There may have been a few retailer offers and bundle deals around, but demand for this evergreen console certainly hasn't waned.

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