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The Xbox One is the third console in the Xbox family and will the the successor of the previous console, The Xbox 360, which was released back in 2005. With lots of enhancements made to the console and the improvements in technology, the Xbox One’s features and functionality have evolved even more so that gamers can be given an even greater gaming experience. Not only internally, but the Xbox One has also changed the appearance of the console, controllers and kinect so the eighth generation console looks as stylish as ever. The newest generation of games consoles has already started with Nintendo releasing the Wii-U. However PlayStation will also bring out the PlayStation 4 into the market which will compete with the Xbox One.

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Microsoft Xbox One 500GB Console - Black

Platform         - XBox One
Category        - Consoles
Release Date  - 09/06/2014
RRP                - £299.99
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Update: 9 January 2016
Some good New Year Deals continuing for the XBox One from a number of retailers, so some good XBox One deals to be had.
XBox One StandardXBox One with Kinect
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Argos XBox One Console
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Amazon XBox One
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John Lewis XBox One
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The Hut XBox One
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Simply Games XBox One
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XBox One bundles
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Most Popular Sellers of Xbox One console with Kinect 
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Official Microsoft Store XBox One with Kinect
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John Lewis XBox One with Kinect
+ Includes 2 Year Guarantee
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Amazon XBox One with Kinect
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Argos XBox One Console £369.99 FREE £369.99 Buy Now
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The Hut XBox One £429.99 FREE £429.99 Buy Now
Tesco XBox One £389.00 FREE £389.00 Buy Now

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Full XBox One Description and Features

Back in 2005, Xbox saw the release of the 2nd Xbox console edition to the gaming market with the Xbox 360 – proving itself to be extremely successful worldwide competing and generating higher sales than the PlayStation 3. Now with the eighth generation of consoles being released, Xbox brings the Xbox One to the gaming market. The Xbox One is the successor of the Xbox 360 but however has completely been reconstructed using modern technology to completely enhance your gaming experience to a whole new level. The Xbox One not only is a games console but has also been nicknamed an ‘all-in-one entertainment system’ as it provides many different functions such as streaming live TV, playing Blu-ray disks and connecting to other friends around the world via Skype using the built in Xbox Kinect – not to mention having the ability to do all this using just your voice with the enhancements made to the voice command on the Kinect.

The appearance of the Xbox One is different to how users would have seen the 360 with the console having a completely new modernised look. The Xbox One will come in a two tone liquid black finish, consisting of a matte grey and gloss black look. Also where users of the Xbox 360 will have experienced the LED ring, the Xbox One has replaced this with a white Xbox logo which will be used to represent the systems status. The new controller also has been improved with a slimmer battery pack, four way control pad to replace the directional pad, stylish new buttons and a start and back button replaced with the new menu and view buttons.

One of the main new improvements is the impulse triggers now built within the controller. The impulse technology within the triggers allows either trigger to vibrate during gunfire or both simultaneously showing the direction of an incoming hit. Either way the new impulse triggers will allow users to have a much greater gaming experience using the vibrations within the remote.

The Xbox One will feature a new AMD processor, which will feature around the x86-64 instruction set. Running on the APU of 8 x86-64 cores, DDR3 8GB RAM with a memory bandwidth of 68.3 GB/s. The memory subsystem will also include an additional 32MB of ESRAM with a memory bandwidth of 103 GBs. The GPU consists of 768 cores, with the console having 500GB non replaceable storage memory. The 8GB of RAM will need 3GB for the system and apps leaving 5GB of RAM for games. The Xbox One supports 4K resolution (3840×2160) and will have 1.4 HDMI for input and output. The optical drive will also be Blu-ray so users can now watch blu-ray disks through their Xbox’s to get the best movie experience yet – not to mention the 7.1 surround sound to support it.

All of the hardware will provide an overall improved experience of the Xbox One console. The new built in Xbox Kinect will also include a 1080p wide angle camera and process 2GB of data per second to give you a better quality picture. It can also pick up 6 bodies using the camera and will track heart rates through the users playing. Although, the Kinect has to be connected all the time for the Xbox One to operate, users can still turn off the functions in the settings. The Kinect also will have voice command on 100% of the time so you can operate the Xbox using your voice even when it is in sleep mode. You can also scan QR codes for Xbox Live using the Kinect camera. The Xbox SmartGlass function also becomes available as users can use their Windows Smartphones, Windows 8 tablets and Windows RT to act as a second screen for the Xbox console so you can do two things at once.

Overall the Xbox One has completely evolved to provide the best gaming experience yet as the console has improved functions to make your experience better than ever on the Xbox One.

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Watch the Xbox One’s official unveil video using the link below.

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Latest XBox One News

The Xbox One is set to have an all new function included called auto-resume. Auto-resume is a function that allows users to pause their game and go onto another service such as checking a sports result or watch a film and then jump back into the game at exactly the same point they left it at. Users also have the ability to pick up where they left off on another Xbox One console so they need not worry about losing data or finishing off a game in one sitting.

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Techradar Review Only – No rating
CNET 7/10
T3 8/10

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