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Handheld Console - Blue (Nintendo 3DS XL)

Platform         - Nintendo 3DS
Category        - Consoles
Release Date  - 28/07/2012
RRP                - £169.99
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New for 2012, the Nintendo 3DS XL comes in 3 colours, and mixes the advanced technology and 3D features of the 3DS with the extra screen size that comes with the DSi XL. This combination is sure make the console one of the best selling when the peak period of November and December comes along. Of the 3 colours available, this pages brings you a price comparison for the Blue 3Ds XL and full details of retailers selling the new Blue/Black version. 
Should there be any offers available, we'll keep this page updated with these so you can see at a glance all the stockists and determine where the best price Blue 3DS XL is.  

Blue / Black 3DS XL Price Comparison

Blue / Black 3DS XL Retailers and Supermarkets
Retailer Availability Price Postage Total Link

Amazon Blue 3DS XL

£150.00 FREE £150.00
Tesco Direct Blue 3DS X £150.00 FREE £150.00
Argos Blue 3DS XL £179.99 FREE £179.99

We compare all stores from supermarkets such as Tesco and Asda to major online outlets such as Amazon to provide you with a full Blue 3DS price comparison, so you can determine the best place to buy.

Blue 3DS XL Voucher Codes and Deals

There are always discounts available to the RRP, however this often just leads to the benchmark price which the majority of serious gaming stores will set their prices on. Now and then, a discount code or special deal will come along so you can occasionally buy a cheap 3DS XL for a limited time only. These are very rare for such a popular console but you can be sure that should any deals become live, we will detail them here. 

The table above shows the most popular sellers of the Blue 3DS XL, this will normally be the cheapest 3DS XL price, but not always, and people often have their preferred supplier who they'll always use due to reliability or customer service for example. A complete Blue 3DS XL price comparison is given below for you to compare the whole market and provides all the details you require to decide who you want to buy from. 

Temporarily out of stock£144.99£4.99£149.98
In Stock£159.85FREE£159.85
No information available£169.00FREE£169.00
In stock£169.75£6.99£176.74

When the 3DS XL was released, there were 3 original colours. The Blue Black seems to be the most popular of these although the Silver 3DS XL is also selling well. At Cheap Games we provide a price comparison for all versions of the 3DS XL should you be undecided on which colour to go for. There may also be stock issues with consoles being high on many children's christmas list, but it'll be interesting to see how sales of the 3DS XL compare with the extra price tag for the brand new Nintendo Wii U, being released in November.