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To keep up with the ever increasing popularity of family, fitness and dance games, the XBox had a great addition in the back end of 2010 with the introduction of the Kinect Sensor, the controller free accessory that accurately tracks your movements to make you the controller. Amid much fanfare the Kinect Sensor was released bundled with the Kinect game Kinect Adventures, and initially stock levels were a big problem right through to Christmas 2010. However, this seems to have settled down a bit in 2011 with prices stable in the £110 – £129 range and no real shortage anywhere. With the Kinect Xbox being an expensive piece of kit, Christmas time is bound to be the most popular for sales, so it's possible retailers will compete against each other to try and gain your custom. If there is a Kinect price war, then stock levels could be an issue, so we include all prices and stock availability for UK online retailers, where the best Kinect deals tend to be.

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Official Xbox 360 Kinect Sensor with Kinect Adventures (Xbox 360)

Platform         - XBox 360
Category        - Accessories
Release Date  - 10/11/2010
RRP                - £129.99
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Full Kinect Description and Features

The Kinect or Xbox 360 Kinect is a small sensor that sits in front of the TV that is connected to the Xbox 360. It is a motion sensing device that moves with the player, features voice command and allows games to be played without touching the controller. It is similar in the way that the Nintendo Wii works although the gestures and voice control are slightly different. The infra-red device 'locks on' to 3D movement in the room and has a depth sensor as well as an RGB camera to ensure that the movements are directly displayed or control the game on the TV.

The Kinect uses incredible technology from Microsoft which recognises voices, faces and gestures of the player. It can even manage to track six different players simultaneously. Although it will work with the older versions of the XBOX 360 the latest XBOX 360 S features an auxiliary connector to draw power from for the motorised unit, rather than taking up too many USB ports. The Xbox 360 Kinect unit brings a new wave of gaming to people's homes.

As there are already millions of Xbox owners, adding the latest device, which sold 8 million in the first two months of releases, has obviously been very well received. The natural user interface and the ability to recognise and differentiate between voices and faces is simply fantastic and it's no wonder it's so popular.

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See the Kinect commercial when the Kinect Sensor was originally released in 2010.

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Latest Kinect News

The Kinect sensor will shortly be receiving an overhaul, with the device to be made available for use on PCs.
Enhancements to the functionality include better lip reading capabilites, as well as improved motion sensor reading for users in confined spaces.  Voice activated capabilities will be better integrated to the XBox console itself. 

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Techradar 3.5/5
CNET 4/5

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