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Everyone's favorite football manager game is back with the all new Football Manager 2012 on your PC. Do you want to experience what it really feels like to be a real professional manager? The wait is finally over because you can take control on your computer of the best managerial experience yet. To Pre Order Football Manager 2012 PC or buy on or after release day use our FM 2012 price comparison to ensure you find the cheapest price and best deal currently available in your quest for a cheap Football Manager 2012. The top deals normally come from the supermarkets who especially like to keep the price down for popular games or major online stores such as Amazon, who offer a fantastic service and quite often price match major rivals such as Tesco Football Manager 2012 prices.

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With 50 nations available to play with and all the best teams around that come with them, you can pick your favorite club and see if you got what it takes to be the next Sir Alex Ferguson. Your now in the hot seat so nothing else matters. Pick your team, select a squad and line up and maybe even adjust that in the transfer window to build up the ultimate squad for you. With improved technology that Football Manager brings, you can now follow your team and feel like you are actually in with the action with the fantastic match play and graphics on your PC. What tactics will you chose to use? Are you keeping your original squad and try to beat your local rivals? Do you want to get the hottest names around or perhaps scout the new wonder kids? How will you react to your players and express yourself to the all important press? It's your choice and entirely down to you on how you play your team. Football Manager 2012 is a must have in your PC connection and is fit for all the family.


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