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One Piece Unlimited World Red: Straw Hat Edition (PS3) Summary
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  Namco Bandai
  Playstation 3
Cheapest One Piece Unlimited World Red: Straw Hat Edition (PS3) Prices
Best Price: TheGameCollection - £19.95

One Piece Unlimited World Red (PlayStation 3) Description

Ready for an adventure then you are sure to get one with this playstation 3 console game. This game has a straw hat pirate and he helps his cheerful raccoon called Pato. They decode to head to an island that is known as the 'Forgotten Island" but then poor Luffy's friends are kidnapped. Luffy must help recover his crew which he needs the jelp of Pato to do this. You will find there is lots of action and fights with the Ninja Battle Action. There is new scenario's in this console game with the original story. You will find there are many famous battles with Epic fight. You will have 9 playable from the straw hat crew playabale characters.There are some new characters in this game as well and you will really have great fun as you take on this adventure.

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TheGameCollection Available Immediately£19.95FREE£19.95
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Amazon UK Usually dispatched within 24 hours£36.21FREE£36.21
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