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Cheapest Just Dance 3 (Special Edition) - Kinect Required (Xbox 360) Prices
Best Price: WOW HD - £17.59
The monumental success of Just Dance when it came out on the Wii platform in 2009 almost guarantees that each year, a newer model with updated songs and dance routines will be released, and 2011 is no exception except that this year Just Dance 3 is being brought out not only on the Wii as the previous popular versions were, but also on the PS3, and the Xbox 360 with a Kinect Just Dance 3. The XBox Just Dance 3 is an ideal fir for the Kinect accessory so it comes as no surprise to see Just Dance 3 on Kinect after a year of familiarising fans with the hands free Kinect accessory.
Just Dance 3 releases on 11th october, and there is sure to be huge demand for Just Dance 3 Xbox in the run up to Christmas. You will want to find a good deal and get the cheapest Just Dance 3 price, so to help you in this we've set up a Just Dance 3 price comparison checker to see at a glance where the best deals and cheapest prices are available, including details of any voucher codes that may occasionally be available to use. 
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With so many retailers now selling gaming products and in particular chart topping games, there is sure to be competition to gain your custom, particularly amongst the supermarkets with their huge budgets and specialist online stores such as Amazon. With previous versions of Just Dance, supermarkets have tended to lead the way with Tesco Just Dance sales being amongst the top in terms of numbers, so expect to see Tesco Just dance 3 amongst the cheapest available retailers, especially with a Christmas favourite. 

About Just Dance 3 Kinect

The all singing and dancing Just Dance 3 will be released on xbox Kinect in October 2011. This Xbox console game will be the latest in the Just Dance series and has all the latest chart hits you could wish for. On this Kinect Dance game there are 49 hits that you will love such as California Girls by Katy Perry featuring Snoop Dogg, Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO just to name a couple. With this latest edition of the Just Dance 3 on the xbox kinect it has the option of using 4 players at the same time to have a right old dance party. This kinect game is not only great fun but also fantastic exercise as you are sure to work up a great sweat in this latest edition. Also with the xbox 360 game you have the option to create your own moves – how fab it that? Can you create a better dance move than the pros. If you like what you dance then save it to show your friends and dance with them your own creative moves.