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The Halo series of games exclusively for the XBox console, has always proved popular, and the army of Halo fans will not want to miss the new release of Halo 4, which hits our shelves on 6 November 2012. As with all major game releases, prices will vary greatly, so for this reason, we've created this Halo 4 price comparison so you can check all retailers and supermarkets to see where the best deal or cheapest price is. Halo 4 has many advancements on the previous versions, with more modern technology giving you a wider variety of modes to play in, including Spartan Ops and War Games. To find the cheapest Halo 4 for the Xbox 360, use the price checker below to view availability, delivery options and prices for all retailers and supermarkets.

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With Halo 4, you are forced to stay stuck to your seat and will not be able to pit the controller down with the whole new different ways to play in the Halo franchise. Of course, with a new game comes even better improved graphics, sound and a range of improved deadly enemies to kill that look better than ever. Playing with up to four players equipped with a range of weapons and vehicles, use everything to your ability as you fight everything that comes between you and saving the world in immense graphics. Halo 4 is a journey like no other continuing from the Master Chiefs adventure in Halo 3. With the fate of the world in your hands, you cannot go wrong. Halo 4 is a fantastic addition to anyones Xbox 360 console.
Spartan Ops is also another way to play as you can yet again build upon your campaign experience of Halo 4. You can receive cinematic episodes on your Xbox 360 through Xbox Live weekly so you can be entertained continuously. Here you can then get further gameplay missions whether you want to play solo or cooperatively playing with up to three people. A new mode also is going to be available called War Games. On this mode, you can again play even more intense game modes and strategies as you fight the competition.

Given the popularity of the game, a price of £35 should be classed as a good deal, it is rare to find a Halo price under this, unless any Halo 4 voucher codes are available. Use our price comparison checker to view all supermarket Halo 4 prices from UK stockists.