The Crew (XBox 360)

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The Crew (XBox 360) Description

The Xbox 360 now brings you the all new game of The Crew on the Xbox 360 platform. Get behind the wheel of some of the fastest cars around as you race your way through the United States of America in this action-driving game. This open world game allows you and your friends to ride along together performing extreme manoeuvres as you take from what may start as a smooth ride along the picturesque coastline of Miami beach to an intense deadly flee from the cops through the dark streets of New York City. The more reckless you are and the more you show your street racing skills, the higher you will move up in the ranks of an illegal racing gang – the 510’s. Show the 510’s that you have what it takes to be the next big thing in the streets as you complete multiple challenges jumping in and out of other racers games. If you what to make a name for yourself, you cant stop when you see blue flashing lights in your mirror. Pick and choose your car as you tune your ride, complete missions and perform skills in The Crew on the Xbox 360 games console.

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