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The new release of the fantastic Handeld Console Pink Nintendp 3DS XL is going to be no disappointment for all those who have been waiting for it.

You will be able to enjoy all your games but now get a better view on the larger screen as it is 4.88 inches that comes with this console as it is basically larger by 90% Also you do not have to

worry when in a middle of a game and you forgot to charge as you also get a much longer battery life so you can enjoy the game for longer. Being 3d is will bring all your favourite characters, games and puzzles to life. In the box of this Nintendo game you receive your console, a 4GB SD Card, a stylus and of course the user manual.

With the stlus that comes with this conosle you will be able to adjust it to the way that fills more comfortable for you.

The adjustable Nintendo 3DS Stylus takes the idea of touch control to a new and even more user-friendly level. Once removed from the holder, the stylus length can be adjusted to your liking with a simple push or pull. Now anyone can achieve the optimum level of comfort while playing games that use the stylus.

Set to be another massive hit this Nintendo console and comes in many different colours although this one is in a much desired pink colour.

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