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Cheapest Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (Xbox 360) Prices
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One of the highlights of every serious gamers year is the Call of Duty version being launched in November. Naturally the real fanfare starts leading up to the release as it captures not only the hardcore gamers, waiting to do battle, but it's also dipping into the christmas market, so serious sales are being made at this time. It's normally in May though that details of what is going to be in store emerge, and this year the excitement level has been raised already as Pre Orders can now be taken for Modern Warfare 3 , the sequel to possibly the best selling game in history, 2009's Modern Warfare 2.

The official release date has now been announced as 8 November 2011, and a few of the top stores have started taking Pre Orders for the XBox 360 version. With the RRP coming in at £54.99, although it's not likely you'll have to pay that nearer the time, already it's possible to get a good discount on this with £44.99 being the benchmark figure top stores seem to have settled at. Remember the likes of Amazon and Tesco Entertainment also have Pre Order price guarantees whereby if the price goes down between the time you purchase and the time of release in 6 months time, you only pay the cheapest price. 

It still remains to be seen whether the first person shooter Modern Warfare 3 will match or even break the sales records achieved by it's predecessor MW2, but it's unlikely to disappoint and the majority of gamers will buy it anyway for it's tradition alone. Modern Warfare 3 comes on the PC and the 2 major platforms that will see the majority of the sales, Playstation 3 and XBox 360.  You will of course be looking for a cheap Modern Warfare 3, so you can take the risk out of buying it near release date by Pre Ordering now. 

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As the price is likely to remain high due to the popularity of this eagerly anticipated game, the safest and possibly the wisest bet is to pre Order from Amazon. Not only do they more often than not price match their main competitors, they also offer that impressive Pre Order Price Promise, so when it comes to delivery time, you are sure to be getting the cheapest price that has been offered.

Pre Order a cheap Modern Warfare 3 (PC) at Amazon for £34.91 by clicking herefor PS3 owners at £42.91 click here , and to Pre Order Modern Warfare 3 from Amazon for £39.99 on the XBox 360 click here.