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Nintendo Handheld Console DSi XL - Blue

Title               - Nintendo Handheld Console DSi XL - Blue
Platform         - Nintendo DS
Category        - Consoles
Release Date  - 08/10/2010
RRP                - £76.68
Best Price Now - £
Prices Last Updated - 9/8/2014 18:35:01

The Nintendo DSi XL has been out for a few years, and despite the introduction this year of Nintendo's latest console the Nintendo 3DS, the popularity of the DSi XL has remained. The DSi XL was unique in that it was the first new release of a console where the size increased, as the trend for hardware has been to make them smaller and smaller.
There are now 5 colours available, and one of the most popular ones has been the blue DSi XL. There is normally not a lot of difference in the prices of the different colours, however, there are sometimes offers available, so we have generated a blue dsi xl price comparison to show you who has the best price.
If you're in the market for a DSi XL this christmas and fancy the blue variety, why not use our up to date price checker to see who has the cheapest Blue DSI XL.
Nintendo Handheld Console DSi XL - Blue Price Comparison

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